We offer a series of exercise and nutrition seminars dedicated to personal trainers and other health and fitness instructors.

By taking advantage of the experience and expert knowledge of our presenters, attendees will broaden their knowledge base and stay up to date with the latest skills and research.

These seminars are paramount for any health and fitness professional wishing to maximize their understanding of strength training and proper nutrition.

Begin putting into practice all the knowledge you acquire through our various workshops and lectures the very next day with your clients.

All attendees receive a detailed manual, handouts and a certificate of completion that can be applied toward continuing education credits.

Club Owners/Managers and Corporate Inquiries: Would you like to host a workshop in your facility? If so, please contact our office.

    Session 1 – Fitness and Functional Assessment

    • Discover how body fat deposition reflects your endocrine (hormonal) system and how that influences your eating and training approach.
    • Learn the most effective and practical method of measuring body composition.
    • Learn how to perform some simple flexibility tests and what to look out for.
    • What is the role of posture and how will it influence your program design?
    • Discover optimal strength ratios and how to test them.

    Session 2 – Core Training

    • How do you determine where to start your clients?
    • Learn how to increase loading and progressions to various core exercises.
    • Discover the biggest misconception regarding your abs and how to train them properly.

    Session 3 – Upper Body Training

    • Have a client that can’t do a push-up or chin-up? Learn how to change that quickly.
    • Discover some unique ways of using Swiss balls or bands when training the upper body.
    • Learn how to spot subtle methods of cheating and how you can correct them.

    Session 4 – Lower Body Training

    • Learn over a dozen variations of the squat.
    • Discover how a simple modification to the deadlift can ramp up hamstring activity.
    • Learn the most effective movements in the gym for the posterior chain.
    • Discover the true secrets to calf training.

    Advanced Strength Training Techniques

    In this workshop, you’ll learn many advanced strength training methods, such as the jettison technique, eccentric training (negative accentuated training, omni exercises on Swiss ball, and eccentric hooks), isometrics and isometronics, vibration techniques, bottom-position squats and presses, advanced stretching techniques, grip training methods (fat bar, Ironmind implements, and hyperirradiation), calf stretching and strengthening methods, balance boards for increased strength, restoration methods, Swiss ball use to increase neural drive, accommodating resistance with chains, bands and tubes, Tellekinetics, complex and contrast methods, wave-like loading and cluster training, touch training for strength, and reciprocity training.

    In addition, you’ll learn three methods to increase arm strength by up to 10% instantly, as well as six ways to beef up calf size, and a slew of techniques for everything else in between! Thought all those balance tools were useless – don’t throw them out just yet. Various unique methods of grip training will be demonstrated to catapult overall size and strength. Discover how your senses (sight, sound, smell, and touch) affect your strength and how to improve the odds in your favour, and so much more…

    Body Composition Strategies and Methods For Size & Strength

    This workshop will discuss the following topics in extensive detail: diet and nutrition, supplements and other ergogenic aids, training programs, and lifestyle factors.

    For example: Learn how to get lean without sacrificing hard-earned muscle… Learn how to acquire a high level of muscle strength and size in a short period of time… You’ll receive several diet plans as well as a host of training programs… Learn which supplements work and which don’t… Discover the most important aspect of sleep and how you can improve recovery immensely with one simple change.

    There’s simply too much information to put into words. This workshop is absolutely jam-packed with valuable material – the handout alone is worth the price of admission! Arm yourself with practical knowledge that you can put to immediate use. Stop scratching your head in confusion. A must-attend for any personal trainer at any level!

    Discover the tools for success in The Business of Personal Training. In this power-packed presentation, you’ll learn:

    • The secrets to a six-figure income in personal training.
    • Exactly when to advertise and when not to – the answer may surprise you!
    • How to gauge and manage your marketing efforts.
    • Crucial time management skills.
    • The #1 investment you can make in this industry.
    • Your net worth is dependent on this key variable.
    • How to catapult referrals in short order.
    • Methods to make money while on vacation.
    • How to quickly gain an internet presence and how to retain it once you get there – an absolute must for online success!
    • Plus get all the forms and contacts you need to run your own successful business today.

    Why settle for an average income?

    Learn how to quickly boost revenue and maximize your money-making potential. This seminar is a must for your business and your life! It’s a small investment of time with the potential for huge returns!

    In this information-packed seminar, you’ll be privy to a compilation of material from various authorities in the strength game, including Bompa, Chek, Ditillo, Fleck, Francis, Hartmann, King, Kraemer, Poliquin, Schmidtbleicher, Siff, Simmons, Staley, Tate, Tunnemann, Verkhoshansky, Zatsiorsky, and more.

    You’ll learn about the thought process that a qualified personal trainer needs to consider prior to designing an individualized program for a client.

    Key strength training parameters of intensity, volume, density, sets, reps, tempo, time under tension, rest interval, frequency, sequence, and exercise and load selection will be discussed. In addition, many popular training programs and splits will be reviewed.

    Whether you’re just starting in the business or you’ve been at it for years, all personal trainers at any level will benefit from this presentation.

    In Body Composition Strategies, you’ll learn many of the trade secrets that experts use to get their personal training clients lean in a short period of time. This seminar covers diet, supplementation, and training protocols for both men and women. Several case studies are examined.

    This seminar takes the Body Composition Strategies Lecture to the next level! In addition to diet, supplementation, and training protocols for clients of all levels, there’s an in-depth discussion on program design and periodization, and several case studies are examined along the way. You’ll learn many of the trade secrets to get your clients lean in a short period of time. All attendees are given special online access to a fat-loss video presentation along with a three-part video on how to design a body composition routine.

    Use stretching to your advantage, not your disadvantage. For many fitness professionals, this workshop will be a real eye-opener! You’ll gain plenty of practical information and leave with several new tricks to impress your clients.

    Learn different forms of stretching – when to use them and when not to… Learn stretching routines to use during different stages of your workout… Understand how stretching can make you stronger and weaker… Learn how to use the Swiss ball, resistance bands and tubes, and free weights as tools to improve flexibility… Learn how stretching can be an assessment tool.

    In the Stretch for Strength workshop, you’ll learn the following:

    • the do’s and don’ts of stretching
    • how breathing affects stretching
    • warm-up techniques to improve strength
    • what speed to stretch and why it matters
    • how to negate a stretch – something we’re all guilty of!
    • methods to increase range of motion instantly
    • how much tension is required when stretching
    • how to control the area of the muscle that’s being stretched – is it possible?
    • common misconceptions about stretching
    • how long to stretch for
    • postural cues and how stretching can correct them
    • common errors when stretching
    • passive techniques to use on your clients
    • how to correct muscle imbalances during your workout
    • and so much more…

    This presentation is a compilation of material from various strength and conditioning authorities, including Paul Chek, Alwyn Cosgrove, Eric Cressey, John Davies, Joe DeFranco, Anthony Ditillo, Ann & Chris Frederick, Stephen Holt, Chad Ikei, Dr. Mark Lindsay, Aaron Mattes, Dr. Stuart McGill, Charles Poliquin, Mike Robertson, Dr. Mel Siff, Charles Staley, Christian Thibadeau, Pavel Tsatsouline, George Turner, Jim & Phil Wharton, Chad Waterbury, and more.

    In this workshop you’ll learn:

    • how to increase pushing and pulling strength
    • methods to increase arm strength by up to 10%
    • explosive drills for the upper and lower body
    • general and specific warm-ups
    • balance and mobility drills
    • weightlifting routines
    • a wake-up routine when you’re feeling tired
    • how to increase speed, strength, and power
    • several stretching demonstrations
    • warm-up methods for the spine
    • and much more…

    The goal of a proper warm-up is performance, not fatigue. The most misunderstood aspect of training is the warm-up and traditional warm-ups are seriously flawed!

    Stop wasting your time with unproductive workouts and needless injuries. Learn how to warm-up to increase speed, power, balance, coordination, and strength.

    The effects of aging are unavoidable. Physiological changes affect the quality of tissue and can predispose the aging client to greater injury risk. Learn how to reduce the risk through proper training and healthy dietary and lifestyle habits.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

    The secret to longevity in the gym is being able to find a way to train without getting hurt. Discover unique and novel strategies that aging clients can use to prevent injuries. If you work with clients that are in their late twenties or older, then this seminar is for you.

    An in-depth discussion on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors.

    Topics include:

    • what is essential in our diets and what is not
    • the difference between the insulin index and the glycemic index
    • how one of nature’s best foods can be your worst enemy
    • the best and worst sources of calcium
    • how to determine who the high and low carb responders are
    • how to use food timing for success
    • the one truly effective method to stave off food allergies
    • the single most important physical factor that affects aging
    • calorie counting is ineffective and a much better alternative
    • the dangers of consuming this highly touted food
    • the real deal on fiber, sugar, soda, fruit juice, fruit, and milk
    • four simple rules to healthy eating and six key lifestyle factors that influence your health and fitness, and ultimately your shape
    • a key aspect to look for when purchasing a quality supplement
    • the best bottled water
    • a crucial aspect of sleep that will improve your energy levels
    • the key form of exercise that will give you the most bang for your buck
    • how long-term aerobic work can actually store more body fat
    • a sample training program that will get you in shape in no time
    • and so much more…