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The Elite Trainer Book
The Elite Trainer   The Elite Trainer is a synthesis of the very latest thinking in strength training and an indispensible guide to developing individualized programs for your clients.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, The Elite Trainer provides a wealth of information you can put to use immediately.

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  Mass Explosion Book
Mass Explosion   Mass Explosion is a comprehensive guide to the art and science of building muscle. This book is filled with the latest, most up-to-date information available. Learn how to build massive amounts of muscle!

You've read other books…
You've tried other systems…
Now, it's time to get results…
It's time for a Mass Explosion!

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The Business of Personal Training Webinar
The Business of Personal Training   Discover the tools for success in The Business of Personal Training. Why settle for an average income? Learn how to quickly boost revenue and maximize your money-making potential. The Business of Personal Training is filled with real-life stories and practical "use-it-today" information. This webinar is a must for your business and for your life! It is a small investment of time with potential for huge returns.

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  The Warm-Up eBook
The Warm-Up   Discover the latest pre-exercise techniques to boost your performance in the gym.

The Warm-Up is one of the best training investments you will ever make. It could be the difference between setting a personal record or lost time due to needless injury.

Available on Kindle (107 pages).

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Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD
Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD   The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD has sold copies worldwide and has been featured in several magazines. Discover some unique, cutting-edge techniques like how to increase arm strength by up to 10% instantly! It has received a thumbs-up from many experts including Drs. Eric Serrano, Mark Lindsay and Ken Kinakin as well as Olympic strength coach, Charles Poliquin.

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  Stretch for Strength Video Presentation
Stretch for Strength   1st Edition: Out of print.
2nd Edition: Now available!

This is the most concise compilation of material on the subject of stretching that has ever been presented. It is a must see for all fitness enthusiasts, healthcare practitioners, personal trainers and coaches. Add Stretch for Strength to your viewing collection today.

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Lean and Mean eBook
Lean and Mean   Lean and Mean is the latest industry-leading fitness guide for both men and women. Using case studies from his own experiences as a personal trainer, fitness expert John Paul Catanzaro gives the inside scoop on the exact strategies, techniques, and programming he uses to get his clients incredible results.

Available on Kindle (111 pages).

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  Strength Training Webinar
Strength Training Webinar   Experience the Strength Training Parameters and Program Design presentation over the internet at your convenience. The webinar is divided into 8 video segments of roughly 15 minutes each, and an 82-slide pdf report is available for you to follow along with. Pass a 40-question multiple-choice test and you'll be awarded a certificate to use toward continuing education credits (CECs).

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Body Composition Webinar
Body Composition   The Body Composition Strategies Webinar covers diet, supplements, and training programs geared toward positive changes in body shape for both men and women. Several case studies are examined. Learn many of the trade secrets to get lean in a short period of time.

Over 40 minutes of streaming video, a 38-page slide presentation, and several bonus files are included.

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   Injury Prevention Strategies for Aging Athletes Webinar
Strength Training Webinar   Discover unique and novel strategies that aging athletes can use to prevent injuries in this 60-minute webinar.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Consider this webinar as a small investment in time that may prevent a career-ending injury.

A must-see for any athlete over the age of 27.

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