Alkaline Formula

Catanzaro Supplements Alkaline FormulaCatanzaro Supplements Alkaline Formula contains a balanced blend of alkalizing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals in a convenient capsule form. Acidosis is common in our society because the typical North American diet is high in acid-producing foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, grains, flour, sugar, coffee, soft drinks and artificial sweeteners to name a few, and far too low in alkaline-producing foods like fresh vegetables. Furthermore, anyone who exercises regularly in the anaerobic lactate energy system (i.e., 20-120 second work intervals at a submaximal intensity) should strongly consider an alkaline supplement around their workouts.

  Per 3 capsules:          
  Calcium (Citrate) 50mg   Burdock Root 100mg  
  Magnesium (Citrate) 50mg   Ginger Root 100mg  
  Potassium (Citrate) 50mg   Dulse 50mg  
  Magnesium Ascorbate 50mg   Chlorella 50mg  
  Vitamin D3 250iu   Spirulina 50mg  
  L-Glutamine 150mg   Dandelion 4:1 50mg  
  L-Lysine 150mg   Kelp 25mg  
  Alfalfa Leaf 100mg   Bladderwrack 25mg  
  Barley Grass Juice 100mg   Rockweed 25mg  
  Red Beet Root 100mg        
  Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules two times daily or as directed.